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June 19, 2012:
NYT Article on Frog Juice.


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Frog juice scandal rides on the heels of drug lords laundering money through horse races

In world of horse racing, Frog Juice testing could make big waves.

Major racing scandal may be brewing

What is frog juice? Also known as dermorphin, it is a substance more powerful than morphine that is derived from South American frogs. In a recent test, 30 horses have tested positively for this substance, and some horse trainers may be charged with using the substance. Since it is a potent substance,and can change race outcomes, it would be considered a performance enhancing drug on the order of cobra venom, which enables horses to run with less pain. As a result, horses run harder and may be excited and euphoric, which could be dangerous since the horses may run to the point of injury and not feel the effects until after the race is over. Frog Juice comes from a frog of the genus Phyllomedusa sauvagei. In the real world, the juice is not extracted from frogs but synthesized (you'd have to catch a lot of little poison frogs, which means that you also can't vouch for the strength or formulation of the drug itself. Conceivably, a horse could overdose and die on Frog Juice, but no cases have been reported. The use of such a drug in racing does a disservice to the horse as well as the integrity of the race itself, and it is possible that investigators could go back through years of samples in order to identify more cases of cheating over time. As a result, prize money and stud fees would have to be given back since they were earned under false pretenses. While the drug had previously been undetectable, the ability to test for it now means that variants of frog juice may be developed. As a painkiller, the possiblilty of dermorphin being used as a designer drug or mainstream pharmaceutical seems possible.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Don't worry, you won't have to give back your track winnings if your horse was juiced with frog venom.